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Grief changes relationships

Over the last 11 months, I have found myself reaching out to women I know who are further along in their mourning process. It doesn’t matter if our losses are similar, because grief is specific to each of us. As … Continue reading

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A visit

I’ve been feeling my own absence lately. This space that used to be for daily expression has taken a back seat to bigger projects. But my heart is here and there are many stories I have yet to tell. In … Continue reading

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I remember

Last weekend a few wonderful writers (Lindsey, Denise & Lisa to name three) whose blogs I love attended a magical retreat on memoir writing by the oh-so-talented Dani Shapiro. One of the exercises they were given, inspired by Joe Brainerd’s … Continue reading

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He lives in you

We celebrated Mama Earth today with a local charter school. They have an Earth Day fundraiser every year and it’s a fun event. I hooped in public, which was huge because I’m not very good (and being a former professional … Continue reading

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Words from the future

When I was entering my second trimester with Ben, at the tail end of a month of bleeding, I sat with a colleague of my husband’s who, a decade previously, had lost two babies at 5 months gestation. Two. A … Continue reading

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Spreading my wings

Change is coming fast and furious. There are big shifts in the wind. My internal and external worlds are coming more and more into alignment, though on the surface, nothing seems certain. I feel safely cradled in the arms of … Continue reading

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Gifts & Giveaway #2

Sometimes when I am afraid, I remember how the hardest moments in my life have brought the greatest gifts. The fact that my marriage fell apart early on gave us the opportunity to rebuild it with a solid foundation, allowing … Continue reading

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Steve has a lovely childhood friend that I’ve met a couple of times. She’s single, a teacher, with a huge heart, and she wanted to be a mom. After caring for her father  as he died, she began the process … Continue reading

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A letter of love

I am down with a horrible cold. I can’t remember the last time I was this sick. It makes me feel like no time has passed since my broken leg, my morning sickness, my bed rest, the surgery. I wonder … Continue reading

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Sadness and celebration

Sitting in my daughter’s room with her this afternoon, looking at her bookshelf, I noticed my copy of Tear Soup. I lay it on my lap and reread it while she played, then we looked at the pictures together as … Continue reading

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