Picking Up the Pieces guide

Luminous stories of grief and growth. Love-filled prompts for your own healing journey. A gift of musings + magic in a quick, easy download.

Written by me

With Christa Gallopoulos, Dyana Valentine, Emily Lewis, Erica Staab, Gail Larsen, Julie Daley, Karen Maezen Miller, Roos Stamet-Geurs & Vera Kate Hadley

Art by Diana Nielsen

Design by Shenee Howard

Available for download Monday July 11, 2011


4 Responses to Picking Up the Pieces guide

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  2. JessicAran says:


    Alana, oftentimes I refer to your words and Benjamin and your life in this truly authentic conversations I have been having with new people. I have found myself sharing how your spirit and Benjamin’s has opened so many portals for me and others – to appreciate our god-given right to have a relationship with grief, to love and let go of our selves in order to love even more deeply, to make space for our mourning and that of others – none of which exist in our fabrication of time, but unfolds miraculously in the expansion of our minds and hearts and connections with those we choose to care for and be cared by. I have never witnessed someone walk the walk so well, Alana, maybe it is because you chose to dance it, even shackled you kept dancing. I don’t know how – but I swam in your wake, waded like Ailey’s Revelations. How your words combine dance, music and emotion. Swaying me through my unowned grief. Feeling life creeping towards the cracks, earning the right to sunshine, air and moisture.
    Alana, you have found a way to share strength and weakness with such grace and literacy – I have felt more human through your words.
    As much as I hunger to hear the sound of my hands running over a smooth dust jacket, I bow and “Namaste” to this publishing. COngratulations and Thank you!


  3. holly says:

    Congratulations, Alana! Excited for you and what this journey is bringing you. Or rather, what you are creating because of it. ❤

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