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Closing this one down

As of today Life After Benjamin will no longer broadcast from this station. I’ve moved to a self-hosted site and hope you will join me there. If you click on the above link and see this: in … Continue reading

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We live in the third house from the beach. It’s a small two-story, though bigger than our last home. The second floor is one large room with toys, a cardboard house, a craft table, my Pilates reformer and walls covered … Continue reading

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Thank you

I have been awed and humbled by the last three days. By the way everything fell apart and came back together. By the love, support and kind words. By the gratitude I feel for my son, my support system, my … Continue reading

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Love and stuff

Yesterday morning I woke to pictures of my cousin’s new baby boy in my inbox. I smiled. He’s beautiful. Grief sat squarely on my chest. I ignored it. I thought about everything I needed to get done. I began to … Continue reading

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Grief changes relationships

Over the last 11 months, I have found myself reaching out to women I know who are further along in their mourning process. It doesn’t matter if our losses are similar, because grief is specific to each of us. As … Continue reading

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