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Stepping through

Under my hand, I can feel the cool smoothness of the doorknob. I stand, eyes shut and heart open, feeling what is on the other side. Feeling the enormity of the decision, feeling the fear of being wrong, feeling the … Continue reading

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10 months

There were no big tears today, no extraordinary sadness, no heavy sighs. Off and on I thought about the date, the numbers 2 and 9 nestled next to each other on the calendar page. I am 10 months from the … Continue reading

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Grief is not linear

Time heals all wounds. You’ll feel better in time. Eventually the pain will lessen. The first 3 months…the first 6 months…the first year is the hardest. These are all true, though they offer thin comfort. They add to the illusion … Continue reading

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Wondering which ball to drop…

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Thoughts from the shower

I am exhausted. I am finally taking everything I’ve been and done in my life, and tying it into one cohesive whole. I am moving toward a future that involves me contributing to the world in a bigger way. I … Continue reading

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The trick is not how much pain you feel but how much joy you feel. Any idiot can feel pain. Life is full of excuses to feel pain, excuses not to live, excuses, excuses, excuses. – Erica Jong

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I am undressing. Peeling layer after layer away. The protection of extra weight. The comfort of not-quite-addictions. The sweat soaked second skin of fear. I am taking them off publicly and privately, baring my soul in the process. I am … Continue reading

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I remember

Last weekend a few wonderful writers (Lindsey, Denise & Lisa to name three) whose blogs I love attended a magical retreat on memoir writing by the oh-so-talented Dani Shapiro. One of the exercises they were given, inspired by Joe Brainerd’s … Continue reading

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Letting go…again

There has been a lot of letting go in my life recently. Letting go of the way I think things should be. Letting go of expectations. Letting go of what I believe I want in place of what lies underneath. … Continue reading

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Divine Mother

In honor of all mothers, everywhere, let us sing and dance this Mother’s Day. Let us feed the hungry, love the unlovable and find compassion for all. Let us take the holiday away from Hallmark and put it back into … Continue reading

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