Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl

To the beautiful bright shining light who chose this family to be a part of, happy 3rd birthday. I am so grateful for you and so in love with you. You make me laugh. You fill my heart so full I’m amazed it doesn’t burst for the sheer joy of watching you be you. You are the counterpoint to all this sadness. You take my breath away.

I’ll love you forever

I’ll like you for always

As long as I’m living

My baby  you’ll be.

–Robert Munsch, I’ll Love You Forever

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl

  1. Holly says:

    Ada, you are shining love, joy, and a bright and beaming being. So grateful to know you little one. 🙂

  2. lisa says:

    she is absolutely gorgeous

    im so sorry that you lost your beautiful baby boy. nothing can prepare you for that and nothing, not even this amazing little girl can take away the pain. i wish i could tell you different, but i would be lying. one thing i can tell you is that the pain of this specific type of loss does lessen as time goes on. you will grieve him forever but you will not always feel cut to pieces and raw. i have not had as many losses as you so i can’t understand the full scope of what you are going through, but if you ever want to talk, please please get in touch with me. this is too cold a road to walk alone.

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